From your time as a student to your graduate experience as an alumni, Al-fateh’s support and amenities continue, as a result of your connection to the AL-FATEH Alumni Network. 


Our Alumni are our Assets most dear to us. Even after graduation, they are welcomed to Use facilities provided like labs for research, report writings, consultations with teachers, using library for learning etc.

AL-Fateh College was established in 2020 for the public benefit and it is recognised Nationwide. Throughout our history, Al-Fateh has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. In higher education, the College has pioneered change in the sector.

Enjoy Benefits & Privileges

Annual Alumni Dinner

In October – 2nd week , Alumni gathering is arranged and invitations sent. Graduated students are welcomed to a dinner and Chit chat with colleagues & College staff.

40% Off Fitness

students can get life time membership of Al-Fateh Sports clubs, availing benefits like Gym access, sports week participation, Games Competition etc.

Free Library Access

Our Library is diverse and well equipped. We like to get latest versions of books and research papers. Graduate students can access our library as well as digital database.

Khalid Pervez

CEO, Al-Fateh

Mr Khalid pervez is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is a founding partner at AFIHS and has decades of  Professional Experience in operations & Business Development spanning nine countries. His Vision empowers the youth through Application based technical knowledge and equips them with transformational business skills for extraordinary achievements.