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AFIHS - Pharmacy Technician Diploma

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Pharmacy profession is an essential and integral part of the National Health care System of a a country. A pharmacist is the only person who is in a unique position of exercising complete drug expertise and its application.

Keeping in view the growing demand and job opportunities at national and international level of pharmacy technician and the significance of this profession, AL-Fateh College has decided to undertake this noble task of offering Pharmacy Technician professional diploma which allow the diploma holders to open a Medical store. In this two year diploma course, students are required to study and have training in the subjects of pharmaceutics, hospital pharmacy, dispensing, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, microbiology and biochemistry.

 The practical training is an integral part of pharmacy education. For the purpose of training the students will be regularly visiting/ working at retail pharmacies, hospital and pharmaceutical industries.





Pharmacy Technicians work usually in community/ retail and hospital pharmacies but also in long term care facilities as well as with pharmaceutical manufacturers , distributors or in government or teaching hospital facilities.

  • category B is granted upon the completion of this course which is a license that enables the holder to open a medical store in any area of Pakistan.
  • upon the successful completion of the course, the candidate will become eligible for a grade 14 job in the public sector of Pakistan.
  • Diverse opportunities in Middle East as well as Western Countries in Pharmaceutical Sector.

  • Pharmacy Technician Diploma
  • License for Medical Store
  • Govt + Private Job
  • Overseas Employment Opportunities

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Why Choose Al-FATEH?

we provide training for entrepreneurship to students for promoting financial independence and job security. We encourage you to be a part of this technical skill education movement which aims to create job creators instead of job seekers.

Self Development

  • Become a entrepreneur by starting your own licensed medical store.
  • government jobs
  • private jobs
  • pharmaceutical industry jobs.
  • international health care jobs


  • Become a entrepreneur by starting your own licensed medical store.
  • government jobs
  • private jobs
  • pharmaceutical industry jobs.
  • international health care jobs


Salient Features:

  • State of the art facilities.
  • well equipped laboratories.
  • Competent faculty.
  • Visionary Leadership.

Why Study Here?

The Academic offers includes specialisations in Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry,Pharmaceutics & cog-nosy so your degree will surely reflect your interests and strengths.

Computer skills as well as business management skills are also encouraged to advance.

Not only does Al-Fateh provide you the lab practical skills that is necessary to transition seamlessly into the workforce upon your graduation, but we also make sure that you will have a good sense of Business development so that you make the transition effectively.

The AL-FATEH Institute of Health is Affiliated with Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PCP), Punjab Pharmacy Council and Punjab Medical Faculty since 2020. (Reg No. 2-50/2020-PCP).