Paper II

AFIHS - Paper II

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Paper B
  • Containing subjects of Pharmaceutics I and Pharmacognosy.

Pharmaceutics is concerned with the quantitative aspects of drug delivery, and involves the design, development, and evaluation of drugs in combination with an appropriate dosage form. Pharmaceutics states the non-scientific methods like how to make medications more edible, where raw materials may be obtained, etc.

Pharmacognosy: A branch of pharmacology that studies medical substances that are derived from natural sources, and their recognition. Pharmacognosy is branch of pharmacy which deals with subject of plant related drug and their whole information and their formation procedures and manufacturing and quality attributes study.

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We have formulated and assembled Pharmacy Technician Notes for all students of Punjab Pharmacy Council. These Notes are download ready and easy to Understand. We have also gathered previous Papers of Pharmacy Council for you to assess paper pattern and nature of questions asked.

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