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AFIHS - Paper I

Pharmacy Technician 1st Year Course and Paper Pattern

B-Category Pharmacy Technician is a 2 Year Diploma course registered by Punjab Pharmacy council. All Pharmacy colleges in Punjab,Federal and AJK are affiliated with Punjab Pharmacy Council for B-Pharmacy Program. More than 700 colleges have been initiated this program in recent years because of following benefits:

PUNJAB pharmacy council exams

Scope of Pharmacy Technician Program
  • After successfully completing the two-year program, student become eligible for employment in the public sector of Pakistan with a grade 14 position.
  • Additionally, they have the opportunity to obtain a medical store license, allowing them to open their own pharmacy in any area of the country.
  • Veterinary store business.
  • Government and private jobs to assist Pharmacist wherever pharmacist is working as health professional.
  • Foreign job opportunities.
  • Job opportunities in National or International Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Jobs in Medicine sales & distribution chains.
1st Year Paper Pattern:

Each Theory Paper will be consisting of 50% Objective (MCQs) and 50% Subjective (Short Questions)

Sr. Subject Marks
1 Paper I Theory

i.   Anatomy

ii.  Physiology

iii.  Microbiology

iv.   Biochemistry

2 Paper II Theory

i.    Pharmaceutics-I (General, Physical and Dispensing)

ii.   Pharmacognosy

Subject Marks
3 Paper III

i.  Anatomy+ Physiology

4 Paper IV

i.  Microbiology+ Biochemistry

5 Paper V Theory

i.  Pharmacognosy

6 Paper VI Theory

iii. Pharmaceutics-I (General, Physical and Dispensing)

Check Our Pharmacy Technician Notes  for First Year:

pharmacy technician first year notes free download

A Complete Guide

Pharmacy Technician Important Notes- 1st Year

We have assemble complete lecture notes of 1st Year Pharmacy technician Program. Use these Books, Notes and Past papers and prepare them well.

Download Here >

B-Category Important Questions First Year

Download Here>

All MCQs and Short Q/A Solved – Pharmacy Technician 

pharmacy technician notes free download

Paper A

  • Containing subjects of Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology & Biochemistry.
Download Anatomy & Physiology – First  Year Notes:b pharmacy notes free download first year

Download Here >

Download Microbiology  – First  Year Notes:

Download Here >

  1. Microbiology All Solved MCQs
  2. Microbiology Important Questions
  3. Microbiology Complete Notespharmacy technician first year notes 
Download Biochemistry – First  Year Notes:

Download Here >

  1. Biochemistry Solved MCQs – Pharmacy Technician
  2. Biochemistry Important Questions



We have assembled here Notes and Past Papers relating to First Year of Pharmacy technician Course. Best of Luck for your Preparation. Hope these study material enhances your chances to succeed. Any suggestion/ Feedback would be appreciated.

We here at AL-Fateh College have Prepared Concise Notes of All Subjects of Pharmacy Technician that are covering syllabus, contains informative diagrams and they are very easy to Understand.

Contact us if you want a copy.

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