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About AL-FATEH Fund

Your Donations are Crucial for Financially deprived students living in Rural areas of Islamabad. Their Parents have Low wages as well as High Inflation Rates.

We continues to adapt to new ways of teaching, new disciplines of study and new ways of learning. Your gift enriches the experience of all students by supporting efforts to recruit top faculty, expand academic programs and respond to the emerging needs of our campus and our world.

Steps To Deposit Donations:

  • You can Pay Online as well as from Local Bank Branch.
  • Select Allied Bank Limited. (Pakistan)
  • Enter Account Number¬† ( 0010109937370015)
  • Check Account Holder’s Name ( Al-Fateh Institute of Health Sciences)
  • Deposit Amount you wish to donate & Submit.

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Not only does AL-FATEH provide you the practical skills that is necessary to transition seamlessly into the workforce upon your graduation, but we also make sure that you will have a good sense of social justice so that you make the transition responsibly.

Various Donation Options

Student Scholarships

Schools & Colleges

Library & Cultural

Support Sport Team

Student Life

Emergency Fund

Why give to AL-FATEH?

Student Scholarships

Our Building is in Rural Islamabad area with low wages & High Inflation Rates. Parents cant afford higher education of their children and thus sacrifice their future. Your Funds are crucial to give them fully funded / Partially Funded Scholarships to Keep Going & Achieve Educational Goals.

Colleges Renovations

We tend to keep building equipped with latest equipment & Facilities. Buildings Rennovations and Up-gradation requires your sponsorship and donations so students can learn in healthy & Safe Environment.

Library & Cultural Institutions

To Promote Traditional Event & Cultural diversity, You can play a part to organise events which allow students to display their regional colours.

Sport Team

To Keep Students Update with Kits & Sports Equipment , we need your help. Motivated and energetic youngster are deprived of these facilities and your donations can change their future.

Student Life

If you want to sponsor a Child and provide monthly expenditure for his hostel stay, food & education, we cannot thank you Enough. These students and their parents would for ever be grateful to your act of gratitude. We would provide all credentials of students when required including his test scores, attendance & personality development. 

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Thanks to you, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.