English Spoken & Grammar Course

AFIHS - English Spoken & Grammar Course

Discover new work and study opportunities worldwide with a range of English courses designed to improve your English speaking and writing skills.

The benefits of learning English

As well as being the official language of 53 countries, English is also spoken by around 400 million people worldwide and is the lingua franca in business. It’s easy to see why so many people want to learn and improve their skills in this language. With an online course, you can do exactly that.

Many educational institutions are also offering courses taught in English. So, if you want to study anywhere around the world, it can be highly beneficial to improve your understanding of the language so that you can understand course materials and even take the IELTS test.

Similarly, if you’re teaching people English as a second language, it can be useful to know how the various assessments work.

By studying online, you get access to all of the essential information you need in one place. You can log on to your account from just about anywhere, and study at a time that’s convenient for you. Physical Classes are also offered in Al-Fateh College in the months of June/July. ( time : 4 PM to 6 PM)

Choosing our English language course

  • Our course on English is the workplace which is suitable for job seekers and professionals who would like to improve their subject-specific vocabulary.
  • Getting Free lancing jobs and communicating well with clients.
  • Sentence structuring and grammar is generally focused.
  • Confidence building for spoken English.
  • Precis and Essay writing to boost academic progress.

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