Complete Guide for FSc Intermediate Programs

AFIHS - Complete Guide for FSc Intermediate Programs


Intermediate, including first and second years, also known as 11th and 12th, are the ground-breaking years to choose a career path. In Pakistan, intermediate has five listed dimensions. The introduction to these is as follows.

  • FSC (Pre-Medical)
  • FSC(Pre-Engineering)
  • Commerce (ICom)
  • Computer Sciences (ICS)
  • Fine Arts (F.A.)


FSC Pre-Engineering is a program that aims to prepare students with practical knowledge and education in the engineering field. The teaching method draws clear concepts about engineering education that enable students to ace the subject for landing in the top engineering universities for higher education after completing the FSC Pre-Engineering. Read more


The FSC Pre-Medical focuses on the healing field of medical sciences. FSC pre-medical aims to enrich students with knowledge and education that make them excel in medicine and related areas. The students get challenging concepts in effective teaching methods, which enables them to land in top medical institutions in the future. Read more


The F.A. program caters the students willing to pursue a career in the Humanities. Fine Arts, Journalism, Media Studies and linguistics are some of the options.


ICS is abbreviated for intermediate in computer sciences. It is designed for students interested in informational technology and computer sciences. The students get the best primary education to get Admission to prominent institutions for I.T. and related fields in their future career growth. Read more


The ICOM at PGC is classic program cratering commerce and accounting. Those students interested in promising careers in accounting, finance, and business can undoubtedly get Admission to ICom.Read more