Holidays extended in Punjab 2024

AFIHS - Holidays extended in Punjab 2024
Punjab holidays notification 2024

All public and private schools in Punjab will now reopen on January 10 after winter break.

Punjab’s public and private schools will now resume on January 10 following the winter vacation.
The Punjab School Education Department on Monday extended the winter break for public and private educational institutions to January 9 due to the ongoing cold weather.
The education administration announced that following the holiday break, all public and private schools would reopen on January 10.

On Wednesday, January 10, 2024, all schools—private and public—will reopen, and classes will resume as usual for the whole week. Read the notification to learn more about the restrictions that still apply to wearing face masks on school property.
Previously, Punjab’s schools would have their yearly winter vacation beginning on December 18, 2023, and ending on January 1, 2024.

holidays extended in Punjab 2024


However, the Punjab government chose to prolong the school’s winter vacation as the temperature drops and the winter weather gets more harsh.

Punjab extends winter vacations for schools

However, as temperature drops and winter conditions intensify, the authorities decided to extend the winter break for the schools.

پنجاب کے تمام سرکاری اور نجی اسکول اب 10 جنوری کو موسم سرما کی تعطیلات کے بعد دوبارہ کھلیں گے۔ پنجاب کے سرکاری اور نجی اسکول اب موسم سرما کی تعطیلات کے بعد 10 جنوری کو دوبارہ کھلیں گے۔ محکمہ سکول ایجوکیشن پنجاب نے پیر کے روز جاری سردی کے باعث سرکاری اور نجی تعلیمی اداروں کے لیے موسم سرما کی تعطیلات میں 9 جنوری تک توسیع کر دی۔ تعلیمی انتظامیہ نے اعلان کیا کہ تعطیلات کے بعد تمام سرکاری اور نجی اسکول 10 جنوری کو دوبارہ کھلیں گے۔ بدھ، 10 جنوری، 2024 کو، تمام اسکول — پرائیویٹ اور پبلک — دوبارہ کھل جائیں گے، اور کلاسیں پورے ہفتے کے لیے معمول کے مطابق دوبارہ شروع ہوں گی۔ ان پابندیوں کے بارے میں مزید جاننے کے لیے نوٹیفکیشن پڑھیں جو اب بھی اسکول کی جائیداد پر چہرے کے ماسک پہننے پر لاگو ہوتی ہیں۔ اس سے قبل، پنجاب کے سکولوں میں موسم سرما کی سالانہ تعطیلات 18 دسمبر 2023 سے شروع ہو کر یکم جنوری 2024 کو ختم ہوتی تھیں۔ تاہم، پنجاب حکومت نے اسکولوں کی موسم سرما کی تعطیلات کو طول دینے کا انتخاب کیا کیونکہ درجہ حرارت میں کمی اور سردیوں کا موسم مزید سخت ہو جاتا ہے۔

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Latest Update

Winter Break Extension until January 9, 2024, for Punjabi Schools and Colleges

Extension in Winter Vacations 2024 in Punjab 

Department of Higher Education (HED) Punjab Winter Holidays 2023–2024 till January 09, 2024
Winter Break for School Education Department 2023–2024 till January 9, 2024.
Alert for Educational Institutions.

Punjab Winter vacations extended notification 2024

A notification for the extending of winter vacation was sent to all relevant authorities by the Punjab school education department government. Previously, all educational institutions were scheduled to open on January 2, 2024, in accordance with the winter holiday schedule. Nevertheless, because of the province’s impending cold wave, according to the meteorological report. The Punjabi government has made the decision to prolong the winter break until January 9, 2024. Nonetheless, the prohibitions against donning face masks on school property will stand. All CEO’s of Concerned districts must bring compliance with the orders.

Notification Extension Winter Holidays 2024 Punjab Government Colleges

The Punjab government has already declared the winter break, which will run from December 18, 2022, to January 1, 2023. However, the administration has chosen to increase the number of vacation days due to heavy fog in several parts of Punjab. The majority of Punjab’s districts and areas would be affected by the severe cold wave that is expected to arrive next week.

Many traffic accidents are caused by this thick fog. The government made this choice in an effort to lower these kinds of incidents. Beginning on January 10, 2024, all public and private educational institutions will carry on with their regular operations.

Every college, both public and private, will reopen on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. All classes at the institutes will continue with a full and regular week.

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